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How to advertise on facebook. | pinnocent

How to advertise on facebook.


How to advertise on facebook. Hello guys, I will be showing you guys a simple guide on how to advertise on Facebook. We all know Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, and is also one of the best platforms to advertise. I will be showing you guys some simple tips on what to do. We all know facebook now requires a Government Identification card, like a National Id card, passport, Voters card, and visa card. You guys might be surprised why facebook asks for these details, and I will give you their reason and why it is important. First let's talk about facebook advertisement and why It's is so important for business owners like yourself. Facebook is free and very simple to use, and when it comes to advertising It can help you grow your business. It connects you with the right customers. Unlock Your Growth. Advertising on facebook can boost your sales in the affiliate market, E-commerce store. you can also choose the country you want to advertise your product to. Advertising on facebook gives you the right customers you need. Why you need to verify your fb account You might be asked to provide proof of your identity if you want to do things like run ads about social issues, elections or politics. This is to help facebook ensure your page is real and not a scam page. What should I do to get approved by facebook? It is simple, what you have to do is to provide the identification id card you choose, like a National Id card. And make sure your facebook profile matches with your national id card, your name should match and also date of birth and house address should match the details of your National Id card. After your page has been approved by facebook, this is what you should not do on facebook. a lot of facebook users will do anything possible to get people to like their page. Remember do not post anything related to nude photos, or s*x video, because your account might be disabled. and also make sure your posts and pictures are high quality. because if you picture quality is low you cannot advertise it on facebook.